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What is Phytonica?


Hello and Welcome to Phytonica!

Phytonica is a company that promotes health by creating focused formulas which invigorate and tonify your physical and mental well-being. Phytonica has been developed through years of practical experience and the knowledge gained therefrom; an intention to bring the healing power from the Wisdom of Herbal Medicine, to all people is behind our products.

Phytonica’s products are made from the whole plant in order to create a naturally balanced preparation that is easily absorbed and less likely to cause the unwanted side effects that are often related to pharmaceutical drugs. The nutrients and energy of the plants are used to improve one’s capability to deal with stress, maintain the body’s immunity and increase vitality in order to meet life’s many challenges.


"Before tough workouts I massage a little Phytonica Arnica Action Oil into problem areas. The oil base facilitates a great initial massage and holds the arnica in place to release slowly throughout my workout; it’s brilliant! This stuff has kept me injury free through the winter when my muscles are most prone to strains."

Will Laughlin
Elite Ultra-Marathoner

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